Hertz Newly launched EV rollout program for cities in the US

Hertz service in Denver

Report: kicking off in Denver, Hertz is reportedly pushing their electric vehicles across the US cities by a program “Hertz Electrifies”.

What Is Hertz Electrifies

Hertz is recognized as one of the various car rental giants, and from a new and most recent PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP [P.P.P] It is reported that their services will be extended the US cities with the following brands


GM models.


Furthermore, they are going to assist in the building of EV charging systems and infrastructures.

Hertz also promises to offer educational and training opportunities, and to extend these opportunities of more electrification by the help of local organizations to communities not fully/properly served (not specified).

It is reported that the program will launch starting with the city of Denver in partnership with the Mayor, Michael B. Hancock.

Below is the reported play out scenario for the event.

Hertz Event Plan

To bring and make available a total of about 5,200 Rental Electric Vehicles to Denver for customers.

Hertz To install at Denver international airport and their various locations, fast EV chargers (numbers not specified).

To partner with the organization BP PULSE with relations to install public electric Vehicles chargers within the city and various neighborhoods.

A plan to offer job opportunities through the “DENVER YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM”.

To provide and make available Electric Vehicles, Tools, and Training to “Montebello Career and Technical High School” (available to students that enrolled in the auto certificate program).

With relations to this, the mayor of Denver says and I quote

“Our goal is to reduce Denver’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and expanding the use and availability of electric vehicles will play a major role in helping us achieve that goal.

This partnership with Hertz will provide invaluable data about where we need charging infrastructure the most, as well as provide new opportunities with this new technology to create good-paying jobs for our current and future workforce.”


CAR INSURANCE EXCESS see this as an opportunity to hasten the spread of electric vehicles across the united states.

As it would manage to create an environment free of gasoline pollution.

Nevertheless the number of cities of which Hertz is to carry out their campaign was not mentioned as a list only but Denver, we anticipate to find out.

Even more for the electricity underserved states we hope to see how well this would be taken care of.

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