Michigan vs. Purdue, Big Ten championship game

Michigan had already checked off two of its four goals heading into the season: beat Michigan State and Ohio State. Now it gets to check out another one of those goals: win the Big Ten championship.

Michigan may not have dominated time of possession, but it took advantage of its scoring opportunities. Purdue couldn’t, settling for five field goals. That was the difference in the game. If Purdue scores even just two more touchdowns, this is a different game entirely.

Michigan has now won 13 games in a season for the first time in program history. Their minds will quickly shift to who they will take on in the College Football Playoff.

Final: Michigan 43, Purdue 22

Mullings adds an exclamation point

-Q4 1:22: Mullings gets in the end zone to make it 43-22.

-Q4 5:07: Another Purdue field goal makes it 36-22.

McCarthy with the dagger

-Q4 9:06: McCarthy to Ronnie Bell in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. Two-point conversion is good. It’s a three-score game now, 36-19.

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