Report: Deion Sanders tells recruits he’ll pick a school by Saturday


Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has officially become a big-time college football coach.

Big-time college football coaches treat lower-level jobs as stepping stones to something bigger and better. Deion seems to be on the bring of taking a bigger and better job.

Via Kevin O’Donnell of Fox 13 in Tampa Bay, the current Jackson State coach is telling recruits he’ll be “at a school” on Sunday.

Per O’Donnell, the finalists seem to be Colorado, USF, and Cincinnati. Presumably, Sanders also could decide to stay where he is.

Sanders has spent three seasons at Jackson State. He has transformed and energized the program. Some thought he’d stay there for the rest of his coaching career.

But Deion, like all big-time college football coaches, wants more. And he has every right to pursue further. That’s how it works. The goal is to climb the ladder, make more money, win more games, pursue championships, etc.

It’s wrong to criticize coaches for doing it. Almost as wrong as it is for coaches to criticize college football players who make decisions in their own best interests.

That’s really the key here. Coaches can do what they want, go where they want. Players should have the same freedom, without getting called out for it.

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