Who is on the Forbes ’30 under 30′ list? 5 Utahns in 2023

Forbes’ annual release of its “30 under 30 list” features over 600 professionals that have made great impressions and advances in their fields, and this year, have collectively raised $5.3 billion in venture funding, per Forbes numbers.

“Unconventional thinking is at the heart of Forbes’ Under 30 list, and amid war, market crashes, and layoffs, tomorrow’s brightest minds continue to forge new paths forward,” said Steven Bertoni, Forbes’ assistant managing editor.

On Tuesday, the 2023 list was released and shows an overall average age of 27.

These five Utahns made the 2023 Forbes’ “30 under 30” list in the following categories.


University of Utah graduate and Olympic skier Alex Hall won his place on Forbes’ list by being the first male skier to earn three gold medals in a single X Games at the Beijing Olympics in February 2022.


Utah native Layne Haber, from Park City — along with co-founder Arjun Bhuptani — created Connect from the ground up in 2017, per the company’s website.

By creating a better connection between different blockchains, the company’s weekly volume has reached $20 million swapped between Ethereum-capable networks, per Forbes.

health care

Katy-Rose Skelly is the co-founder of “Knowledge Medicine,” an innovative company founded in 2020 that created a way to determine how cancer patients will respond to new treatments before they are given them, revolutionizing cancer treatment.

To date, the company’s investors have given $7.2 million and the company is working on a database of samples to improve its system, per the company’s website.


John Koelliker and Erika Mahterian — both graduates of Brigham Young University — are co-founders of an online platform called “Leland” that connects the budding careerist with specialized coaches and mentors, along with classes, to reach their goals.

“Seems crazy that we’ve only been building Leland for just over a year,” Koelliker said in a LinkedIn post. “In many ways, it feels like we’re just getting started, but it’s also important to celebrate the progress: 250+ coaches, thousands of customers, $5M+ raised, and an all-star team of 10 employees.”

In her own post, Mahterian said, “Education has always been deeply important to me and building a platform that provides greater access to it feels like the most important thing to do.”

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